MP Launches ‘The Trams Return’ Book

Press Release

MP Launches ‘The Trams Return’ Book

Photocall Friday 4.00pm Friday 17 September on the tram tracks near Blackpool North Station. Featuring a Blackpool Heritage Tram and a modern Blackpool Tram with Paul Maynard MP, Councillor Lynne Williams, Leader of Blackpool Council, Simon Johnston, Editor Tramways and Urban Transit and Paul Rowen, Chair Light Rail Transit Association.

The renaissance of the Tram will be celebrated this Friday when Blackpool North MP Paul Maynard alongside 2 iconic Blackpool Trams launches a new book The Trams Return. Published jointly by Mainspring and the Light Rail Transit Association, publishers of TAUT, the book charts the incredible decline and subsequent renaissance of tramways and light rail, viewed through the lens of 1000 editions of what has become the world’s leading resource for urban rail development.

Simon Johnston, Editor of Tramways & Urban Transit, commented:

“Celebrating the world’s great survivors, such as the Blackpool, this collection of essays also explores in detail the reasons for the decline in the fortunes of the street railway, at the same time highlighting the contributions of the people and organisations who kept the faith. “Once seen as the enemy of modernity, we have come full circle. Tramways and light rail systems can now be found in over 60 countries, moving billions of people every year, removing congestion from our streets and improving our air quality.”

Paul Rowen, Chair of the Light Rail Transit Association said:

“I can think of no better place to launch this book, alongside one of Blackpool’s iconic balloon trams and its modern equivalent. Blackpool is the place where trams never left us. It is therefore fitting that in an era of climate change and concerns about air quality we should celebrate the return of the tram as a modern, environmentally form of transport.”

Paul Maynard MP said:

“Trams have played an important role in the United Kingdom for many years, and despite their decline I am pleased to see we are looking at the start of a resurgence in light rail passenger transport.  I am sure this book will be an exceptional read full of history and promise of a brighter future for Trams.  As MP for a section of Blackpool’s iconic and world famous Tram line, I eagerly await reading my copy.”