TramForward backs demand for more resources for light rail

Press Release

TramForward backs demand for more resources for light rail

In a statement issued in October, Mr Carter said: “There is a growing interest in towns and cities around the country using trams as a major factor in their urban transport networks. Trams can help underpin Government policy on decarbonisation and air quality improvement, being energy efficient, carbon neutral and free from toxic pollution…

“However, the current allocation of staff resources in DfT in this emerging sector has been absolutely minimal and does not support this new potential industry. We urge the Secretary of State to set up a fully-staffed and funded dedicated unit to promote not only the future tram and light rail networks, but also the emerging research and manufacturing facilities.”

LRTA Chair Paul Rowen, himself a former Chair of the APPLRG, said: “Nothing illustrates the disparity between how light rail is treated by Central Government compared to bus and rail than their abject failure to provide the staffing resources for current and future potential light rail systems.

“The Government has no chance of meeting their zero carbon or clean air targets without embracing and supporting light rail. The statement by the Chair of the APPLRG is therefore most welcome.”